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More than 3 decades of experience. 5th in the world ranking. Countless custom-made solutions. The perfect sequence. All in.

The Petrotec Group includes a number of private companies whose activity is focused on the production, marketing, distribution and technical support of equipment and management systems for the retail areas of the oil industry. 

Equipped with 100% own technology, Petrotec Group focuses on the production of Fuel Dispensers, Car Wash Equipment, Fleet Management Systems and Filling Stations, offering a wide range of flexible and custom-made solutions which, coupled with its capacity for technological innovation, and design capacity sustain the entire course of the organisation. The Petrotec Group also combines its products and technologies with engineering and services solutions dedicated to the optimisation of its business model.

An Iberian Leader, the Group is also represented at the international level with affiliates and distributors in five continents, thus assuming the position of a Global Player. Established partnerships ensure an organised distribution network, presently operating in more than 84 countries with high-level international leading clients.

Our work speaks for us. We have trailed this path for you. See how far we have come together.


History with past, present and future


Constitution of Petrotec and beginning of its activity with technical assistance to service stations.


Approval for the manufacture fuel dispensers, granted by the Portuguese Ministry of Industry.


Start of fuel dispensers production, under licence of the Dutch brand Koppens Automatic. Introduction of the first electric dispenser in Portugal.


Establishment of associated companies, Petrónica dedicated to hardware and software for the control and management of fleets and Petroserve, specialised in solutions for service stations, garages and car wash.


Start of Petrotec’s internationalisation process and production of automatic car wash machines.


Establishment of Petrotec Mozambique and affiliates in Angola, Benelux and subsequently South Africa


Completion of a new manufacturing unit, with 10,000m² of working area and the dimensions for a monthly output of 1,500 hoses. Internationally, Petrotec established the first subsidiary of the Group in Latin America and Asia, Petroassist Ecuador and Petrotec India.


Launch of the JetWash range of CarWash solutions.


Launch and marketing of Progress Range I'. 1st prize CEP-AEP (Cooperação Empresarial Galiza-Norte de Portugal)) in the category 'Internationalization'.


Launch and marketing of Progress Range II'.


Electric Supply Equipment release - P FAST.


Constitution of Petrotec (UK) Limited.


Wayne Fueling Systems acquisition (Petroassist UK). Petroassist Mexico incorporation (Petroassist S.A. de C.V).