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Environmental Solutions


Petrotec presents a range of AdBlue solutions, including storage and supply solutions, at both home-base facilities and points of sale to the public.


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How to prevent downtime at my petrol station?


By installing Ask at your petrol station, you will be able to observe, on a single screen (computer or mobile device), everything that is going on.


With the power of real-time data, we reduce losses while improving your business' performance. 


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Back to Basics


Herbert Sinner summarized, in 1959, the basic principles of washing, in what it currently know as "Sinner's Circle". This circle includes four factors that can be manipulated in any washing scenario: Temperature, Chemistry, Time and Mechanics.


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Environmental Line


All Petrotec equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with applicable European standards and are subject to the certificates issued by independent, external and recognised regulatory bodies.


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e-Mobility Solutions

Hellonext is building the pathway for a highly effective and robust network of EV chargers by providing car owners and service providers the tools they need to achieve a smarter, sustainable, and accessible mobility ecosystem.


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Equipments and Solutions for the Oil Industry areas of Retail, Distribution and Storage (downstream and midstream)