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Petrotec at the Bxpress RoadShow

The Petrotec Group will be present until 4th May, at the Bxpress Road Show. The event aims to promote the Bxpress project, developed by the Petrotec Group, in partnership with Bongás


This is yet another successful project that aims at staying ahead of the game, both in terms of concept and associated technology in the process of implementing 100% automatic filling stations in the Iberian Peninsula.

Petrotec was responsible for the development of the architecture of computer systems and communications that support the Filling Stations network as well as the customization of the Portal “HeadOffice" Petrotec, both at image and  dedicated functionality level; of an integrated Touchscreen Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) in the Supply Dispenser with an interface tailored to the Bxpress concept; and security alarms and support to operations, both in terms of data management systems and of means of payment and fuel dispensers.

The Bxpress RoadShow is going to stop in seven cities of the country - Viseu, Aveiro, Porto, Coimbra, Leiria, Braga and Lisbon - on dates which can be consulted on the official site of Bxpress (

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