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An Opportunity to Grow

Petrotec Group marked its 6th participation at the PEI/NACS Show 2017. The event took place from 17 to 20 October, in Chicago.


Petrotec attended for the 6th time at PEI/NACS Show, the largest event in America and one of the biggest in the world, on products and services for fuel stations and convenience stores. During the three days event, Petrotec welcomed several clients and potential clients from all over the world, with special attention to the Latin American markets.

In fact, the presence of Petrotec in this event is part of a well-established international expansion strategy, aimed at strengthening the distribution network in the Latin America markets. “Each year we have increased not only the product portfolio, but also the structure and investment related to this event, mainly for being such a crucial region to the Group's future growth goals”, said Mário Pereira, Petrotec Group’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Petrotec ended this year’s participation with a “feeling of full satisfaction”, regarding all the opportunities that have arisen to explain the advantages of Petrotec's technological solutions, as well as to perceive the new technological trends and market needs from different geographies. This is an event that for Petrotec team also supports the development strategy of products and services to implement in the future.

“It’s a pleasure to participate in this event, not just for the opportunity to exhibit our brand on a global scale, but mainly because it gives us the satisfaction of realizing that Petrotec is an increasingly well-known and respected brand”, closed Mário Pereira.

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