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Car Washing | Back to basics

To better understand how the car washing process can be optimized, we should look into the washing basics according to "Sinner's Circle".

Herbert Sinner, a former chemical engineer at Henkel, summarized, in 1959, the basic principles of washing, in what it currently know as "Sinner's Circle". This circle includes four factors that can be manipulated in any washing scenario: Temperature, Chemistry, Time and Mechanics.

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If the effectiveness of one of the factors is reduced, it should be compensated for by the other three in order to ensure the efficiency of the washing process. 

Dish washing is an example that shows how these four factors interact. Hot water (temperature) will remove dried food better than cold water. Adding soap (chemistry) makes the process even easier, and we can either leave a dish soaking overnight (time) or scrub the dish (mechanics).

In car washing we have to take into account, not only the effectiveness of the washing process, but also its efficiency. 

Aware that it is operating in a very competitive market, Petrotec has developed the Jet Wash range focusing on the efficiency of the washing process with its water heating solutions (temperature), combining them with  the best chemicals in the market (chemistry), as well as with various washing and treatment programmes with high quality and safety standards (mechanics and time).

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