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Petrotec Group stands out in Italy

Petrotec was present, from 11 and 13 October, at the Oil & NonOil International Trade Fair in Verona, with its distributor Greenline. This is a trade fair dedicated to energy, fuels and mobility.

The profound changes observed in the fossil fuel market have had and continue to have a major impact on the fuel distribution chain.

With new models emerging, consumer attitudes tend to change in many ways. They are increasingly aware of the need to use cleaner fuels, more efficient logistics, lower prices and increased service quality. These factors influence consumers to use their private car more rationally, whether in daily travels or for longer distances.

"The reception of the products exhibited by the visiting companies has been fantastic, most notably due to the design and robustness of Petrotec equipment. The fact that these devices integrate cutting edge technology has also been a differentiating factor, given its importance for the integrated organisation and management of all the equipment present at a fuel station". - highlights José Maia, Area Sales Manager of the Group.

Italy stands as a strategic priority for Petrotec, not only because of the country's size, but also because it has one of the highest ratios of fuel stations per capita. Moreover, many of the existing stations are currently undergoing renovations, which represents an interesting opportunity to expand the business to this country.