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Petrotec Innovation Day - Edition

The Petrotec Group presented the first edition of Petrotec ID (Innovation Day), last July 2, at the Oriente Museum, in Lisbon. The event was attended by the key stakeholders of the sector in the Iberian Peninsula and from other international markets


In a day 100 % dedicated to innovation and technologies that anticipates market trends, Petrotec received over a hundred guests who met, firsthand, the great news for the retail area of the petroleum industry.

For the first time, the Petrotec Group introduced a broad and diverse set of products related to payment and management systems. The Group presented new payment methods with mobile phones, online management systems for gas stations, recognition systems of licence plates, intelligent price systems and several improvements to the existing range, including the new interfaces design for the user.

According to Ricardo Constantino, the Group’s CTO, the Petrotec Innovation Day was more than a success, it was the consolidation of all of Petrotec’s character and philosophy.

‘A success!The event exceeded our expectations with the attendance of participants from various international markets, not only the Iberian one. We felt the enthusiasm and a lot of interest for the presented innovations. The innovative character of Petrotec continues to be valued in the market and that is fundamental to the continuity of our good work,’ he stated.

The event included several dynamic and interactive conferences, in which the Petrotec’s products and solutions were presented. Taking advantage of the occasion, the new Petrotec Group website was presented and launched on social networks.

Petrotec - Innovation you can trust.

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