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Minister of Economic Affairs visits Petrotec India

Last January 11, Petrotec India received the illustrious visit of the Minister of Economic Affairs, and the accompanying Portuguese delegation, at its premises, in Gandhinagar


Miguel Sinval, Administrator of Petrotec India, welcomed the Minister of Economic Affairs, Manuel Caldeira Cabral, Ph.D, and the accompanying Portuguese delegation, composed of Fernanda Ferreira Dias, Ph.D (the Minister's assistant), Miguel Frasquilho, Ph.D (President of AICEP), Miguel Malaquias Pereira, Ph.D (advisor to the Board of Directors), João Rodrigues, Eng. (AICEP delegate for the Portuguese Embassy in India) and Lígia Braga da Cruz, Ph.D (AICEP delegate).

The courtesy visit began at 3:00 p.m. and ended around 5:30 p.m. (local time). Miguel Sinval did the honours, with an introduction to the Petrotec Group, followed by a visit through the facilities of the two production units, focusing on production and control equipment, and closing with a presentation on a new fuel pump model and its operation. 

"The visit to Petrotec India by the Portuguese delegation, which included the Minister of Economic Affairs and the president of AICEP, was extremely gratifying, as it symbolises the recognition of the success of the Petrotec Group's internationalisation. The visit was also an opportunity to discuss the difficulties and challenges involved in operating in a market as competitive as the Indian market and the way to overcome them", Miguel Sinval declared.

The Portuguese delegation travelled to India in early January in order to, among other commitments, take part in the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, which took place in the city of Gandhinagar.