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Petrotec opens doors to INOV Contacto

Pedro Correia is the most recent member of Petrotec Group team. At the age of 25, this newly-graduated Mechanical Engineer has packed his bags for India, for a 6-month internship in one of the Petrotec Group companies.

"It was a total surprise." This is how Pedro Correia received the news that he would go to India under the INOV Contacto programme. "I was quite surprised, shocked even. But then I began processing the information, trying to find out more about the country and the company, and enthusiasm came naturally," said the young man from Lamego.

After nearly a month of integration at the Petrotec Group Engineering Department, based in Guimarães, he feels ready to start working at Petrotec India. "I really liked my colleagues here in Guimarães and I've already spoken with the person responsible for Petrotec India, who has already welcomed me. I feel integrated and it's good to realize that I'm working in a company with a young spirit that invests in young graduates like me. So, even if I don't get a proposal at the end of the internship, I really want to feel that I did all that I could," he underlined.

For the most recent Petrotec India employee, the cultural issue does not seem to be a problem. After an Erasmus experience in Poland, he hopes for "this to be the best experience of (his) life," right at the beginning of his career path 

This is yet another initiative of Petrotec Group, as part of its young graduate integration strategy, this time as a host company of the INOV Contacto International Internship Programme.